Sharing a love of mountains and wild places

I have a love of mountains and wild places. This is something I really want to share with my children.

Ever since the birth of our son four years ago, we have taken him out with us on countless walks using our slings.

Ewan and Daddy checking out the map on the top of Helvellyn

One such early trip was ascending Helvellen with him in the sling, protected by an extra large waterproof jacket, in the days before we discovered the more practical baby wearing jacket and baby wearing fleece vest.
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Mothering Through Breastfeeding: Part III: Eighteen to thirty months

First published in La Leche’s Breastfeeding Matter’s Magazine, March 2013.

Nursing in a roadside cafe, a Warung, in Bali
Nursing in a roadside cafe, a Warung, in Bali

In parts one and two of Mothering Through Breastfeeding, I outlined how the first eighteen months of the very special baby-mother breastfeeding dyad developed. My son has now been breastfed every single day of his thirty months of life. This makes me very proud. So far it has proved one of the most rewarding, emotional journeys of my life. Words fail to express how fundamental breastfeeding continues to be to the relationship Ewan and I share; it is at its core. Ewan’s chuckle when he anticipates a feed, the delight shining in his eyes, says it all. He needs his milk; equally I need to feed him.
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Barefoot babies

This article first appeared in ‘The Mother’ magazine, issue 52, May/June 2012, and is reprinted with permission.

My son is three months old. I gaze in adoration at this tiny miracle before me, fascinated by his flexible toes and soft feet, which he uses like hands to grip onto my sides. Springtime six months later, I watch transfixed as Ewan expertly crawls around our garden, using his toes to propel him forward, pulling himself up and beaming with pleasure at his new found freedom. On holiday at fifteen months, Ewan walks tentatively, steadying his balance on the deck of a ferry on the Saint Lawrence River in Canada. I almost cry with joy as he takes ten steps all at once, his little feet nestled in soft-soled slippers providing him flexibility yet protection from the ground. By mid-winter, at eighteen months old, Ewan walks confidently; beaming with pleasure as his vision and mobility reach new heights.
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Newsflash; Stoneageparent is taking a break

Tessa Rose Cole
Tessa Rose

Stoneageparent has been busy over the last few months preparing for the arrival of our second child. Tessa Rose was born at home on 9th March. We hired an independent midwife, who was wonderful during the labour and birth, without her help my long, posterior labour would have undoubtedly have meant a medicalised hospital birth. Instead I laboured in peace at home in a familiar space. It was the most difficult as well as the most amazing and profound expereince of my life.
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Living a little more gently on the planet; all year round and during the festive season; Part Two

This is part two of a post about sustainable living. See last weeks post for part one.

–          We recycle as much as possible, and compost our fruit and vegetable waste. Ewan enjoys putting scraps into the compost, and is beginning to understand what we do and don’t recycle. He watches the bin men with fascination each week too! My family think I’m a bit obsessed with recycling, as I recycle everything I can in our kerbside collection, as well as saving other waste to recycle at recycling centres, such as tetra packs and large pieces of cardboard.

-          We save all of our wrapping paper and envelopes, in order to re-use them. This has somewhat diminished the delight Ewan would no doubt have if he was able to tear open his presents, but at least he is gaining some understanding of waste and how to reduce it. I do let him rip open the odd present, especially if I feel I cannot easily reuse that bit of paper. It is a pity we do not all use reusable wrapping paper, so we could keep on using and swapping it.

–          Reusable nappies and elimination communication; We used reusable nappies and practiced part-time elimination communication with Ewan before he was out of nappies and we now use reusable training pants, as Ewan is on the cusp of being toilet trained. Continue reading