Newsflash; Stoneageparent is taking a break

Tessa Rose Cole
Tessa Rose

Stoneageparent has been busy over the last few months preparing for the arrival of our second child. Tessa Rose was born at home on 9th March. We hired an independent midwife, who was wonderful during the labour and birth, without her help my long, posterior labour would have undoubtedly have meant a medicalised hospital birth. Instead I laboured in peace at home in a familiar space. It was the most difficult as well as the most amazing and profound expereince of my life.

We are now enjoying our first weeks as a family of four. It is such a special time which is already whizzing by so quickly! There will be a wonderful birth story to share with you once I get chance, as well as lots of posts about pregnancy and tandem feeding, all to come when things have settled down here a little!

Our new family of four
Our new family of four

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  1. Hi, Congratulations on your new arrival – my youngest – now 7!!! was born at home on 9th March 🙂 . My cousin, Lizzie, directed me to your blog because she knew I’d like it! I don’t blog as often as I mean to now but will try to read yours.

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