Sharing a love of mountains and wild places

I have a love of mountains and wild places. This is something I really want to share with my children.

Ever since the birth of our son four years ago, we have taken him out with us on countless walks using our slings.

Ewan and Daddy checking out the map on the top of Helvellyn

One such early trip was ascending Helvellen with him in the sling, protected by an extra large waterproof jacket, in the days before we discovered the more practical baby wearing jacket and baby wearing fleece vest.

We have always encouraged him to walk part of these walks. To start with, we let him totter about when we stopped for a break. It was great to watch him explore, under a watchful eye. As he has grown, these totters have increased to include walking short sections and when he is tired or the going gets too difficult, he has been happy to return to the sling. On the sections he walked himself, his confidence grew. He is now often climbing across rocky ground and up steps that are almost waist height for him. Continue reading Sharing a love of mountains and wild places