Interview with Sonam Dolma

Nepal-1205Below it an interview with Sonam, who is establishing the charity ‘Social Educational Development Project’. This blog post outlines the background and details about the Tibetan Refugee Camp Sonam lives on, her family background, her education and work experience and her hopes for the future of her people.

Name: Sonam Dolma

Nationality: Tibetan

Place of birth: Nepal

Home: Tashi Palkhiel Tibetan Refugee Camp

Date of birth: 20th September 1989

Background to Tashi Palkhiel Tibetan Refugee Camp

Nepal-1395Tashi Palkhiel Settlement was established in 1962. Approximately 700 people live on the camp, comprised of 150 households. The camp was established with the generous and kind support of the Red Cross, formally known as (SATA), the Nepalese government, the Swiss Government, Services for Technical Co-operation Switzerland and other voluntary associations. Seven refugee camps were established in various parts of Nepal. Tashi Palkhiel Settlement is the oldest and the most populated. Continue reading Interview with Sonam Dolma

Woodland Adventure

Tessa’s first Woodland Adventurers

Ewan well into his fifth term at Forest school, whilst this is Tessa’s first day. Ewan is the oldest child at Forest School, Tessa the youngest

My daughter runs delightedly down the path towards the river, following a group of seven other two year olds, her fellow Woodland Adventurers. She pauses once or twice to glance back at me, then carries on, her small legs carrying her surprisingly quickly over the uneven ground, muddy ground. We have walked this same path many times together, with Tessa mainly in the sling and Hector by our side, at the start of a dog walk in the Peak District. However, this is the first time that Tessa has explored this area with her peers, a novel experience for us both. And she loved every minute of it.

Joining a woodland group

There were moments of uncertainty when I saw her brow furrow as she puzzled in the new experience, as if shocked to find herself with other children in the woods. At other times her eyes shined with amazed delight and wonder that she was now sharing this experience with others. All day she kept repeating ‘Mummy, children‘, as if entranced to be out here with someone other than her big brother and parents. I assured her that yes there were other children with her, and asked her if she liked it. Her vigorous nod and empathic ‘liked it‘ assured me of how positively she found the whole experience. Continue reading Woodland Adventure

On the eve of my daughter starting Playgroup

A new series of blog posts starts here


This is my first blog post to be shared with the parents at Grindleford and Eyam Playgroup. My intention is to share with you Tessa’s experiences of Woodland Adventure at playgroup. I also plan to blog about my experiences of training to be a forest school practitioner.

Mummy and Tessa
Mummy and Tessa



I start volunteering at Woodland Adventure in the summer term, where I will have the opportunity to develop my experiences in a forest setting and create a portfolio towards my qualification. I am very grateful for the opportunities both Tessa and I are being offered through playgroup, walking down exciting new paths. I am glad you can join me along the way.

Tessa is two
Tessa turns two

Tessa has just turned two. Tomorrow she starts Grindleford and Eyam playgroup, beginning with one session a week on Wednesday mornings, the Woodland Adventure session. This is basically forest school for the younger children at playgroup, those aged two to three years old. Tessa and I will head out into the woods for the morning with seven other littlies, plus staff and parent volunteers. Whilst we are with our fellow woodland adventurers, my four year old son, Ewan, shall also be in the woods at Forest School. As he is almost five, he is the oldest child in playgroup, whilst Tessa is currently the youngest!

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Day in the Life of our Family

Welcome to the March 2015 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Day in the Life

This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code Name: Mama. This month our participants have given us a special glimpse into their everyday.


1st March 2015

In this blog post you’ll find twelve photos taken every hour from 8am to 7pm on Sunday 1st March 2015. I include a blurb underneath to further illustrate the photos. It is a ‘typical’ day in the life of our family, as far as any day is typical!

8am  Morning bath time

Every morning, Ewan and Tessa have a shower, which becomes a bath as we keep the plug in. They’ll happily play for long periods in the bath, fascinated with the very simple pleasures of splashing and water play. I’m usually dashing around getting ready for the day ahead whilst they’re happily occupied, or if I can, I’m doing my morning yoga stretches. Ewan is looking a bit peeky in this photo, as he was up with a fever in the night and was not himself today. That is why there are fewer photos of him than usual in this blog post and why it appears we only have a daughter!

9am Tessa writing a sick note

Tessa saw Ewan writing a ‘sick note’ in his medical vet toy kit and insisted on doing the same. Whatever Ewan is doing, she wants to emulate him, so here she is mark making with daddy’s help.

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