Following a woodland trail deep into the woods

On forest school framing, proud of my woodland picture frame

Forest school practitioner training

I rejoined the Woodland Adventurers following a fantastic one week Forest School Practitioner Training Course, from May 11th to 15th, run by Forest School Education (FSE). I returned to Grindleford and Eyam Playgroup feeling motivated and enthusiastic about putting some of the many skills I learnt on the course into practice. I am really looking forward to the coming year or so, in which I can gain a broader and deeper understanding and experience of Forest School, as a volunteer at playgroup and as a trainee FS practitioner.

A wooden arrow trail

The lambs are growing!


Running to the oak tree

The sun was shining brightly and warmly down on us as we made our way into the woods. So too were the midges, an unwelcome reminder that summer is really here! As usual, the children enjoyed running through the field, spotting the now larger lambs and throwing sticks and other natural materials into the stream on the way. Julia, this week’s Forest School Practitioner, directed the children to look out for and follow a series of wooden arrows, which indicated which way we were to walk in order to find a new spot in the woods, whilst also warning the children to not go beyond a wooden cross laying

Adopting a safe position on tummies in order to watch sticks floating down the stream
Adopting a safe position on tummies in order to watch sticks floating down the stream

on the path. This trail enticed and led the children into an exciting new clearing set-up deeper in the woods. Without knowing it, the children stepped off the path into quite bumpy, tricky ground, littered with tree roots and woodland debris. Continue reading Following a woodland trail deep into the woods

Storytelling in the woods

The Three Little Pigs and the wolf, made out of stones

Another fabulous time was spent with the budding Woodland Adventurers this week. The sun was shining yet again as we made our way into the woods, the children keen to collect twigs in the field and play poo sticks at the stream again. This is becoming a bit of a routine…


Snack time

We arrived at the same comfortable log just tucked into the woods, where the children enjoyed snack and hot chocolate. Whilst the children were happily munching and slurping away, us adults enjoyed our first hot tea of the year, after having a sudden brave wave a few weeks ago occurred by deciding to take a flask of hot water with us! Tea tastes so much more refreshing when it is drunk outdoors. Continue reading Storytelling in the woods

A prayer for Nepal postscript

Here is the account of the earthquake from my Tibetan friend Sonam, in her own words;


‘We are fine and all to Tibetan in Pokhara are in safe place. No such big disaster in Pokhara. But I had a very terrible experience for the first time in my life by 7.6 magnitude earthquake.

I was sitting on bed, hanging with my mobile when earthquake start. I thought that it will stop because in this 2 months we experienced 3 times earthquake but very small like 4 or 5 magnitude. But this time, its not suppose to stop than I slowly fall down myself on the floor and get off from the room. I shouted as my uncle is in another room and my father sitting outside. My brother Sonam was in kitchen. I start crying and ft that we will die today. Shaking n shaking …all the trees and the electricity tower just near out of our boundary…Oh my God. I can’t explain. Enchanting Tibetan Mantra and crying.

Than after 40 sec it stop. Than we get out from our house compound and went to neighbour house where there is big space.
It was seriously a bad and black day of the whole Nepal. No light n battery off. Bro karma is in kathmandu at his gf home. Very worried cant able to contact. Ohh my god. Don’t know how to react the situation. After that went to other house where they have big battery to charge. We are a far relatives. After that I get contact with Bro karma and heard they are safe, staying n sleeping outside. Next day electricity come and watch TV than saw such a big destruction and lose of peoples life in kathmandu .
That tower, we been last time and nothing left now. Surprised and shocked.

Now, we are fine and safe. I update in Facebook.’

Thank goodness Sonam and her family are safe.

I also want to share the absolutely devastating news about Langtang. We spent 16 days trekking there in November 2014. I have just found out that Langtang village has been completely buried and therefore obliterated by a huge landslide, destroying 55 homes and killing many villagers, workers and tourists. This is utterly devastating news, it is mind-blowing. I am still in shock. We were there only six months ago, interacting with locals, walking through the village, and now it is no longer. We ate lunch there. Continue reading A prayer for Nepal postscript