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Our cloth nappy journey: Part Two

 Real Nappy/Real Diaper week 16th-22nd April 2012 inspired me to write this article about my own experiences of using real nappies

Ewan wearing one of his reusable nappies
Ewan wearing one of his reusable nappies

The advantages

There are so many positives to using real nappies, here are just a few; Ewan looks cute in real nappies, he is wearing more natural fibres in a sensitive area of his body resulting in reduced exposure to toxins and chemicals, it makes long-term economic sense and reduces our contribution to landfill and our consumption. Ewan is also more aware of when he eliminates because he can feel the wetness in cloth nappies, which disposables cleverly disguise. Lastly, through my actions I am ever so slightly reducing the environmental impact having a child has on our planet.

Facing our first hurdle

We use Motherease Air Flow Wraps and TotsBots shaped nappies on Ewan at night-time; they are so effective that I have rarely had to change Ewan’s nappy at night time since he was very young. In the daytime we use Fuzzibunz and BumGenuis pocket nappies. After a year of use the microfiber inserts in these nappies were beginning to lose their absorbency. I pondered what to do, until I stumbled across a natural baby shop whilst in Montreal, Canada; Bummies. If only the UK had more natural baby shops! Here, for the first time, I received much needed face-to-face support about reusables.

Microfiber inserts

Unbeknown to us, microfiber material does not perform as well when washed in front-loading washing machines, primarily used in the UK, as it does in top-loading machines, popular in North America. This is because there isn’t as much water in front-loading washing machines as top-loaders, so residue builds up. We were advised to buy natural fibre inserts which don’t have the same issue with residue, although they do take longer to dry. we were also advised to reduce the amount of washing powder we use when washing them. Before this revelation we were unaware of this design flaw, feeling somewhat cheated that because of our style of washing machine we were having problems.

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