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Our cloth nappy journey: Part One

Ewan at seven months wearing a BumGenius nappy
Ewan at seven months wearing a BumGenius nappy

Real Nappy/Real Diaper week 16th-22nd April 2012 inspired me to write this article about my own experiences of using real nappies

Starting out on the journey

Using ‘real’ nappies on my son was not a conscious choice; it was simply the way I planned to protect my son before he was toilet trained.  The thought of using disposables depressed me for a variety of reasons, chiefly the environmental impact, but also the effect their use would have on Ewan. It was not a road I would freely go down. I was aware of how misleading the word disposable actually is; products may be ‘thrown away’, but their impact on the earth is still felt. Instead, I was faced with a decision about which kind of cloth nappy to buy. On researching this topic, I was impressed with the huge variety of choices available, finding every kind of reusable nappy you could wish for, in every colour, size and pattern imaginable.

Essential support

Luckily my sister-in-law had used cloth nappies on her daughter; she kindly gave me all her Mother-ease Air Flow Wrap andTotsBots shaped nappies and accessories when she’d finished with them, as well as a good deal of advice. The National Child Birth Trust also lent me their cloth nappy testing kit whilst at one of their antenatal classes, and I also found a lot of resources online, such as the Go Real – Real Nappy Information Service Without this support I wouldn’t have known where to start. Confronted with rows of disposables in leading stores, we were frustrated we couldn’t examine products we were investing hundreds of pounds in. However, this mirrors a similar lack of choice in most natural baby care products on the high-street, although luckily there is a far wider variety available online.  After much deliberating, my husband and I decided to purchase a range of all-in-one Fuzzibunz and BumGenius nappies.
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